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AKON Service



Akon Service S.a.s.  is a SME and a VET provider which promotes local and regional development through the offer of innovative services to public and private bodies and the promotion of activities for the enhancement of human resources.

Akon Service was founded in 1995 and operates both locally and nationally offering custom-tailored high quality and innovative services. The Company’s 300 sqmt head offices are located in San Salvo – Central Italy – where 15 professionals are employed including a project coordinator, psicologists, international relation Officer, experts in communication, accountants.

Akon Service S.a.s. has a 20 year long experience in operating a multi-level offer within the following areas of intervention:

– Promotion of actions in the education and training fields including measures for the integration of disadvantaged people into society and employment in order to prevent social hardship

– Management of training interventions aimed at raising and enhancing professional skills, in particular of disadvantaged people, and preventing social exclusion;

– Guidance and technical support to public and private bodies nationwide for the design, management and reporting of projects funded by EU programmes and Structural Funds in the field of VET and social policies;

-Design and management of interventions for the promotion of local development policies through the activation of public/private partnership networks ;

-Implementation of initiatives for education and career guidance

Over the years Akon Service has accredited to various organisations (regions, municipalities, schools and universities, employees’ and employers’ associations, host communities, many local SMEs, social workers’ professional association and the National Confederation of SMEs). The Company has also networked at national and international level coordinating EU funded projects ( P.I.C Youthstart, Equal I^ Phase, Equal II^ Phase, Lifelong Learning Programme , POR FSE Obiettivo C.R.O., FEI Ministero degli Interni, Erasmus Plus)

Akon Service for several years has been carrying out an important experimentation at regional level on the issue of home care services, which is meeting the needs of  many Italian and foreign female home carers in terms of job opportunities, guidance, vocational training and certification of competences acquired within informal and non-formal contexts

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