Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar (FSC)


(FSC-Community Support Foundation)

FSC is a leading NGO at regional and national level. FSC is an accredited provider of home care services, contributing since 1997 to the development of this field nationally. In 2007 FSC became an accredited training provider

VISION: a world where human rights are respected and all community members can have access to high quality services,adequate to their needs and provided by professionals in their own community.


– supporting the disadvantaged groups of local community, through health, social and educational programmes

– supporting the development of local communities

– encouraging partnerships between the private sector and the nongovernmental sector, the public administration, at local and regional level

FSC delivers several support programmes in the community. that promote local partnerships,innovation and changing people’s mentalities; over 11.000 people are served annualy through:

home care services (provided by home careers) for homebound, suffering, lonely elderly persons in Bacau. The type of services provided are:support in personal hygiene,cooking,cleaning, shopping paying bills, etc.

social care (provided by social workers): over 250 people each month receive counseling, advocacy, financial help, cleaning and sanitary materials

health care (provided by nurses): this mobile service is provided by qualified nurses; the service is continuous and assures medical interventions according to the indications from the specialist doctors;

palliative care: highly qualified services provided by our nurses in the homes of terminally ill patients and social support for the families

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