Transnational Meeting and Multiplier Event – Amiens (FR) 7/8 Febbraio 2019

Transnational Meeting e  Multiplier event – Amiens (FR) 7/8 Febbraio 2019

In this second International Meeting (07 February) the following points were discussed:

  • the current status of the Value Plus project;
  • the roles of the partners within the project;
  • the sharing of the Quality Plan
  • the criticalities found;
  • planning of the next steps.

In addition, the foundations have been laid for the definition of Learning Outcomes, a fundamental step for the realization of the next IOs (intellectual Outputs 3 and 4) and for the continuation of Value Plus.

During the multiplier event, held on February 8th, the current situations in Italy, Romania, Spain and France were discussed: in particular, the French partner presented the Tools for training and guidance of home carers, the current progress of Ecvet in France and a valuable testimony, provided by Mme Brunel, about  the functioning of the VAE system ( La validation des acquis de l’expérience ) used in France to recognise and validate the competences acquired in non-formal and informal context, provided by Mme Brunel.



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