OFRE – Organisme de Formation par le Retour e l’Emploi -, is a non-profit association of the private social sector that deals with continuing education and specializes in the training of professionals working in the field of personal services.

Nata e situata ad Amiens dal 1996, Ofre ha iniziato la sua attività occupandosi della formazione di persone da impiegare in lavori domestici, rilasciando il CAFAD – Certificat d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Aide à Domicile) prima e il DEAVS – Diplômes d’Etat Auxiliaire de Vie Sociale- poi.

Born and located in Amiens since 1996, Ofre started its activity dealing with the training of people to be employed in domestic work, issuing the CAFAD  Certificate (Certificat d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Aide à Domicile) first and the DEAVS certificate (Diplômes d’Etat Auxiliaire de Vie Sociale) then.

In 2003, Ofre started a collaboration with FEPEM (National Federation of employers in the domestic work sector) in order to qualify all professional profiles in the sector.

To date, OFRE is accredited to issue:

– DEAS State diploma of educational and social support (specialisation in “

– The CQF – Certificate of Professional Qualification – of  Home Carer;

– The CQP – Certificate of Professional Qualification – of babysitter.

OFRE participated in the following European projects: NoW (1997-2000) and EQUAL (2005-2008) with the aim of professionalising workers in home care services.

OFRE also participated in the transnational project “Trans-Care” (2011-2013) with the task of producing a national report to present:

– analysis of the level of social and welfare needs in France, with particular reference to the needs of people who are partially or totally dependent;

– models of labour supply management for people working in the home care services in the project partner countries (labour market regulation, career guidance, selection, training, skills assessment and placement models).

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