Regione Abruzzo


The Abruzzo Region, as a public authority with political and administrative powers, develops policies in collaboration with local authorities and institutions and has competencies in several areas, including: employment, training, development of professional skills of citizens of the Region, cultural heritage, environmental and cultural protection, tourism and social affairs.

Welfare is one of the most significant sectors of interest in the Abruzzo region, a sector that is constantly growing in the labour market as a result of the increase in social needs, especially those related to increased life expectancy and nursing care. The resources invested in the social sector are therefore not costs but investments impacting employment and prevention, as they allow considerable savings on health care policies.                                                       

The programming of regional social policies is based on social and health care, which are cross-cutting issues in all regional guidelines. In addition to this milestone in the process of policy integration, the aim is to strengthen cooperation with other sectors: labour policies, education and training, housing, equal opportunities, farming and social agriculture, this last being a sector with great potential in the Region.

The Department of the Presidency and Relations with Europe of the Abruzzo Region provides support to all the Departmental Directorates in the definition of general guidelines and strategies and in the development of policy-making. The Department:

–  prepares the planning documents regarding the interventions within the strategic objectives established by the European Union and is the sole Managing Authority for ESF and ERDF -European Regional Development Fund – regional operational programme (ROP)

– coordinates the activities provided for by the EU regulations on the programming, design, management, monitoring, evaluation and control of the resources of both EU Structural Funds.

The Abruzzo Region coordinated and participated in several projects under European programmes: INTERREG IIIB (INTERREG IIIC ), INTERREG IIIA Cross-border Adriatic INTERREG IVC, MED, IPA Adriatic CBC, COSME, ERASMUS PLUS.

The Abruzzo Region, in planning its policies, takes into account their potential long-term impact on the quality of life of citizens and takes actions to prevent situations of social disadvantage.

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