Value Plus Project

VALUE PLUS – VAlidating Learning oUtcomes of caregivers in Europe – KA202

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Project Code 2017 -1-IT01-KA202 -006253 CUP G56J17000510006



VALUE+ meets the need to recognise and validate knowledge skills and competences acquired by home care givers (in France, Spain, Italy and Romania) through formal, non formal and informal learning as well as guarantee conversion of certified Learning Outcomes to ECVET credits (as for the ECVET Recommendation)  which can be used in all the project partner’s countries within a scope of transnational mobility  of workers in the care services field.

The project aims at starting a renewal process of Italian, French, Romanian and Spanish VET and employment systems in order to:

– Transfer/adapt the recognition and validation system (instruments/models) used in France to the other project’s partner countries;

– Introduce innovation of VET systems in the countries involved in the partnership which will be able to start the certification of skills and competences and the conversion of certified Learning Outcomes to ECVET credits.

The issues to be addressed are the following:

  1. The increasing demand for occupational profiles in the field of home care services;
  2. The massive presence of unskilled workers without skills and competence certification fostering the illegal labour market;
  3. The difficulty that carers experience in having recognised skills and competences acquired through work experience and non-formal and informal learning;
  4. The difficulty faced by carers in having recognised/certified by other European countries the learning outcomes they gained in their own countries.

The objectives of the Project VALUE + are the following:

  1. Compare the training paths for qualification of home care givers adopted by the Regions/Countries involved in the project;
  2. Compare the systems of recognition and certification of Learning Outcomes of people who work and/or intend to operate in the home care services field in the countries involved in the project;
  3. Adopt shared and/or comparable tools and procedures for validation/certification of Learning Outcomes;
  4. Jointly agree on adopting the conversion techniques to ECVET credits for a joint recognition of Learning Outcomes (Output: Toolkit for White Labor and Transparent Skills;
  5. Realise in service training of 12 staff members of VET organisations on the use of the identified instruments/procedures;
  6. Experiment and test the agreed tools and procedures for skills and competences certification with N. 100 Final Beneficiaries;
  7. Transform the certified Learning Outcomes in ECVET credits (Memorandum ECVET;
  8. Facilitate legal work placement in the home care sector in the countries participating in the project also thanks to ECVET credits;
  9. Raise the quality of services provided to households and to the partially or totally dependent people in Europe;
  10. Disseminate the use of the produced outputs (methodologies, tools, procedures) at EU level.